Mark Manson – The subtle art of not giving a fuck

Exported highlights from my Kindle.

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C# notes part 2

Sample codes for:
Json, serialization, deserialization, LINQ queries

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C# collections notes

Sample codes for HashSet, Dictionary, SortedSet, T[], List, Stack, LinkedList, Queue

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C# notes pt. 1

sample codes for:
Verbatim Strings, Operators, Extension methods, Generic Extension Methods, Collection Initializers, async, await, dynamic, ref, out, when, delegate, event

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React Javascript

Introduction to React

React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React processes only user interfaces in applications. Developed by engineers at Facebook.

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Learning Javascript in 2017

For devs who know what Javascript was.
If you want to learn about modern JavaScript and web development but you're too lazy to read docs or tutorials, read my blog posts.

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Ivan Jurina

Starting my website

Welcome to my site.
I'm technology, programming, skateboarding and life enthusiast.
Check out 5 reasons for starting my web.

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