5 Reasons why I started my website

Welcome to my site.

I’m technology, programming, skateboarding and life enthusiast :).

Check out my 5 reasons why:


Coding, installing, debugging, testing. All the things you would love, except it’s all in PHP. And WordPress. (if someone knows any good CMS alternative, preferably C# or JavaScript, please let me know! wait didn’t I work for company that made one?).

And I should probably start caring about Google Analytics, Ads, making profit, acquiring assets and stuff like that haha.

Nah, I’d better stay underground.

For now.

Tracking my work and life progress

Tracking my work came to my mind when I looked at my github contribution graph.

Maybe I should track my progress in studies or non-programming projects as well.

And I should definitely start document my life much more, I feel like the older I get the worse my memory is.

Organizing my thoughts, photos and notes into blog posts would be much more structured and maybe someone could learn from my mistakes haha.

Sharing knowledge

“the best way to learn is to teach”.

I keep taking notes from everything I learn.

Mostly programming. C#, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, React and other cool technologies.

I’ve advanced to 21. century and started taking my notes on PC. If you’re taking some online courses or get materials from the web (of course you do haha) then taking notes is a matter of CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

Expressing myself


That’s a weird one.

Why would someone care?

But you’ve made it this far.


Just don’t run my website thru HTML validator haha.

If you would like to talk to me, discuss technology, business or job opportunities, programming or skateboarding feel free to contact me.